Election Eco-Actions

With the General Election looming, we are disappointed with the lack of discussion about the climate and nature crises.  It’s frustrating when the next few years are so critical in halting biodiversity loss and averting the worst impacts of climate breakdown. However, there is something we can all do that might make a difference. We can make our voices heard by letting our local candidates know what issues are a priority for us. The more of us that do this the better! And it’s armchair activism, so it’s really easy to do by clicking a few buttons.

We’ve made it even easier for you to do this by putting together a list of “email your candidates” campaigns from a range of nature organisations. Just click on the links below and enter your details to automatically send an email to all your candidates.

Friends of the Earth – ask your candidates what their plans are for environmental action

Rewilding Britain – sign the petition urging the next government to commit to the Rewilding Manifesto and rewild 30% of our land and seas by 2030

RSPB – ask your candidates to commit to prioritising action to halt and reverse nature’s decline

The Wildlife Trusts – tell your candidates that nature matters to you

The Woodland Trust – ask your candidates to prioritise woods and trees

Zero Hour – ask your candidates to back the Climate and Nature Bill

We’ve sent several emails to our candidates and it’s interesting to see what responses we receive (if any). Even if they don’t bother to respond, if enough of us do this, they can be in no doubt about what matters to voters in their area.

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